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stuebinm 74654f2fc0 websites: rooms on libera → 2 months ago
stuebinm d7d15f4b0b websites: chats are on for now 3 months ago
stuebinm a6d21f4fd9 make working on websites nicer
(since every time we have to change anything on these I get annoyed at
having to remember how to build these. Now you can just use `nix run`!)
9 months ago
stuebinm 9ac7307672 update websites 10 months ago
Raphael Weniger e229538bde Change of board members 1 year ago
Leah Neukirchen 714a8e5d73
websites: fix some typos. 1 year ago
stuebinm f2c90e5601 websites: remove mentions of
(one remains for now, will do that later once anyone from students
for future says what to do in that case)
1 year ago
Moira 3ea537459b
change name 1 year ago
stuebinm ae67b38304 add the rest of our stativ web pages
however, for some reason, ACME still fails. Hopefully it's just the
rate limit, but it does look suspicious; there' still a
"" in the log that oughtn't be there …
2 years ago