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@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ welcome to hacc nixfiles (haccfiles). this is the code describing our nix-based
- `modules/`: home-grown modules for hacc-specific services
- `nix/`: sources files, managed with niv
- `pkgs/`: packages we built and don't want to upstream
- `hosts/`: configuration.nix per host
- `services/`: all services we run; imported in appropriate host config
## working with the haccfiles
@ -20,6 +22,19 @@ nix build -f . deploy.$hostname && ./result switch
`$hostname` can be replaced with any hostname or group
## I don't want to build this long dependency / want a cached version!
If it's still available on parsons from a previous deploy, do:
nix copy --from ssh://parsons /nix/store/...
Note: don't just copy the .drv file (which Nix complains about if it can't
build something), that's just the description of how to build it! If you
don't know the actual outpath, look in the .drv file (should start with
`Derive([("out","[the path you want]"...`)
## committing to haccfiles
- exceptions apply, if you are not sure where to commit, don't commit to main