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Markdown docs with zola.

Zola is a static site generated written in Rust (which you'll notice since sometimes it panics).

To run the site locally:

zola serve

Directory Layout

All the important stuff goes into content. If you create subdirectories, make sure you remembered to also create an file for it (if in doubt, just copy the one at content/; otherwise pages in there won't work.

templates is not for site templates, but specifies how markdown files should be turned into html. If an autogenerated link broke, you'll probably have to change something in there. sass and static do exactly what they sound like.

It usually shouldn't be necessary to change config.toml, but if it is, here is the list of all available options.

File Layout

Markdown files start with a frontmatter that should look something like so:

title = "blåhaj"
taxonomies.categories = [ "flausch" ]

[actual markdown goes here]

The frontmatter is TOML; the taxonomies.* keys are special and can be used to aggregate posts if enabled in config.toml (currently that's only the case for categories, though). See also the list of all available keys.

Please don't repeat the page's title in markdown, otherwise it'll appear twice in the html.