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stuebinm 8d9df0e20e mattermost: 7.1.4 → 7.1.7 3 days ago
stuebinm fb3c1b0a96 symlink haccfiles into /etc/haccfiles 4 days ago
stuebinm b30df7ea6d unbreak tracktrain css 2 weeks ago
stuebinm 26f3f98a9c update inputs 2 weeks ago
Moira f91ea850bc
mail: reenable recieving mail on noreply@ 2 weeks ago
stuebinm a6d21f4fd9 make working on websites nicer 1 month ago
stuebinm 7fd1c9ff80 remove the default.nix file 1 month ago
Moira ba91526fc8
common/users: add new ssh-key for moira 1 month ago
stuebinm 72c16d9e1c nicer container configs 1 month ago
stuebinm aa62e616a3 common/users: remove an old ssh key 1 month ago
stuebinm 30510a3194 tracktrain: don't start before 1 month ago
stuebinm dc1bdb2682 websites/ further edits 1 month ago
stuebinm 5fee4c445d websites/infra: update group explanation 1 month ago
stuebinm 9ac7307672 update websites 1 month ago
stuebinm 26f91fac20 parsons: fix nix auto gc 1 month ago
stuebinm 9185f3e0ab update inputs 1 month ago
stuebinm 2e74ca9b35 tracktrain: remove cors header 2 months ago
stuebinm 4c456eae1c tracktrain: don't open firewall twice 2 months ago
stuebinm 7a3e65a3f5 working tracktrain + monitoring 2 months ago
stuebinm 9af819b4b8 init tracktrain 2 months ago
Moira 82e2831d3a
common/users: update terrus key 3 months ago
stuebinm 15c49c657f update inputs 3 months ago
stuebinm 87fd563ad3 remove netbox 3 months ago
stuebinm eb7183ac54 services/mattermost: security update 7.1.4 → 7.1.5 3 months ago
stuebinm 1a54dbd191 alps: please don't start if there's no mailserver yet 3 months ago
stuebinm 015f66d749 netbox: fix uffd secret path 3 months ago
hexchen ba5bcf601c flake: update nix-hexchen and remove reference to deploy 3 months ago
stuebinm 9363c9e004 services/alps: use the nixos module 3 months ago
stuebinm 34a147afe6 python 3.9 -> python 3.10 3 months ago
stuebinm 1720b7bf81 update inputs 3 months ago
stuebinm bb24ce8b87 nixos-22.11: fix module warnings 3 months ago
stuebinm 7e00264911 update inputs to nixos-22.11 3 months ago
Moira c5a0f13884
remove lantifa: apparently dead 3 months ago
Moira bcc27eba11
netbox: add Media_Root 3 months ago
Moira c28e533257
services/netbox: fix access to static directory 4 months ago
stuebinm 84dab162c1 don't vendor the netbox package definition 4 months ago
stuebinm f75429781d netbox uff(d) 4 months ago
stuebinm 5a28a55f01 netbox yolo 4 months ago
stuebinm 3df1ec0436 services/nextcloud: update to 25 4 months ago
stuebinm b15f303107
mattermost: update to 7.1.4 4 months ago
stuebinm 0f4957d860 tell parsons it's called parsons 4 months ago
stuebinm ea2d89fa84 make fish my default shell 4 months ago
stuebinm 7fa5939cf9 reduce lockfile size 4 months ago
stuebinm 12da955842 nix: enable 'experimental feature' flakes by default 4 months ago
stuebinm 0127b30566 add deploy-rs gc roots to .gitignore 4 months ago
Moira 5a0496a8f7
do unspeakable things to flake.lock 4 months ago
stuebinm d11c388f31 deploy-rs: disable auto-rollback by default 4 months ago
stuebinm 79fb386395 flake-enabled readme 🎉 4 months ago
Moira fe2fd2e0eb
cleanup input URLs in flake.nix 4 months ago
stuebinm eb13717e28 fix acme-fixperms 4 months ago