439 Commits (main)

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stuebinm b15f303107
mattermost: update to 7.1.4 3 days ago
stuebinm 0f4957d860 tell parsons it's called parsons 4 days ago
stuebinm ea2d89fa84 make fish my default shell 4 days ago
stuebinm 7fa5939cf9 reduce lockfile size 4 days ago
stuebinm 12da955842 nix: enable 'experimental feature' flakes by default 1 week ago
stuebinm 0127b30566 add deploy-rs gc roots to .gitignore 1 week ago
Moira 5a0496a8f7
do unspeakable things to flake.lock 2 weeks ago
stuebinm d11c388f31 deploy-rs: disable auto-rollback by default 2 weeks ago
stuebinm 79fb386395 flake-enabled readme 🎉 2 weeks ago
Moira fe2fd2e0eb
cleanup input URLs in flake.nix 2 weeks ago
stuebinm eb13717e28 fix acme-fixperms 2 weeks ago
stuebinm 7b145988d2 fix alps mail interface 2 weeks ago
stuebinm 1b09180b38 flake: add deploy-rs 2 weeks ago
stuebinm c09337c973 shoehorn nix-hexchen-style config into flakes 2 weeks ago
Moira 025d17c487
common: enable mosh 2 weeks ago
Moira 319f827aa0
add new key for stuebinm 2 weeks ago
Moira d6d45685c7
fix StateVersion for gitea 2 weeks ago
stuebinm b1974aa2d0 solve some TODOs 3 weeks ago
stuebinm de1e7366f3 remove desktop/* 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 401898b284 remove gitlab pipeline 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 380934299b niv: remove home-manager 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 13b81b37f4 users.nix: re-add hexchen's ssh keys 3 weeks ago
stuebinm f281c90da5 containers: set stateVersion to 21.05 3 weeks ago
stuebinm eb8807feff remove docker override 3 weeks ago
stuebinm a8b3f4b16c remove bottom from unstable packages 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 4bd1430f0a remove services/syncthing.nix 3 weeks ago
stuebinm daac7ebcb0 remove users/hexchen.nix 3 weeks ago
stuebinm e29cd5f887 remove unused packages 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 39a1719188 remove apparently unneeded disabledModules 3 weeks ago
stuebinm c12ae3231a remove unused modules 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 4969444bc4 remove nixda 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 25e9fb85a3 manuall update simple-nixos-mailserver 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 63cf62849b add stateVersion to all the containers 3 weeks ago
stuebinm acd051e4e0 make renamed options complain (less) 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 620c1a30e4 update a bunch of other stuff 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 55f17ad7c3 get rid of the nextcloud module fork 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 0e20c9ddfa remove hexchen home-manager 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 1291d3c9f6 move nextcloud.nix to a sane location 3 weeks ago
stuebinm cde949ac5b remove workadventure 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 052e1ac126 environmentFiles are generally a good and reasonable idea 3 weeks ago
stuebinm 0686807690 fix the uncommited nextcloud state 3 weeks ago
Moira e8d36fc259
services/mumur: add creature comforts 4 weeks ago
Moira 2e92960390
services/mail: update vorstand and admin 4 weeks ago
Raphael Weniger e229538bde Change of board members 1 month ago
Moira 0fe3094853
services/mail: renable postfix logs 1 month ago
stuebinm f64b1f9534
mattermost: don't read config from database 1 month ago
stuebinm 52f9f2d64c
get rid of mattermost-patched module 1 month ago
Leah Neukirchen 714a8e5d73
websites: fix some typos. 2 months ago
Moira 55ffc7282e
services/lantifa: pin WikiDB version 2 months ago
Peter M 5821a58d23
services/mail.nix: Adding an email for peter 2 months ago