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stuebinm b5d4f76a1d rotate octycs's ssh key 1 month ago
stuebinm 0d75469590 rotate zauberberg's ssh key 1 month ago
Moira ba91526fc8
common/users: add new ssh-key for moira 3 months ago
stuebinm aa62e616a3 common/users: remove an old ssh key 4 months ago
stuebinm 26f91fac20 parsons: fix nix auto gc 4 months ago
Moira 82e2831d3a
common/users: update terrus key 5 months ago
stuebinm bb24ce8b87 nixos-22.11: fix module warnings 6 months ago
stuebinm ea2d89fa84 make fish my default shell 6 months ago
stuebinm 12da955842 nix: enable 'experimental feature' flakes by default 7 months ago
stuebinm c09337c973 shoehorn nix-hexchen-style config into flakes 7 months ago
Moira 025d17c487
common: enable mosh 7 months ago
Moira 319f827aa0
add new key for stuebinm 7 months ago
stuebinm 380934299b niv: remove home-manager 7 months ago
stuebinm 13b81b37f4 users.nix: re-add hexchen's ssh keys 7 months ago
stuebinm daac7ebcb0 remove users/hexchen.nix 7 months ago
stuebinm acd051e4e0 make renamed options complain (less) 7 months ago
stuebinm 0e20c9ddfa remove hexchen home-manager 7 months ago
Moira 82e70e0151
change name 9 months ago
Moira 3ea537459b
change name 9 months ago
schweby 3dc6b5e3e9
common/users: update schwebys ssh key 1 year ago
schweby 17d695c00b
common: add niv 1 year ago
schweby fa347008fa
common/default.nix: add vgrep 1 year ago
schweby b96a026565 cleanup default apps 1 year ago
schweby dbf8d74a24 set timezones 2 years ago
schweby f5579bc98e parsons: config nginx 2 years ago
hexchen cf5062adfd sources: update nixpkgs to 21.05 2 years ago
schweby 1064836092
Revert "security: remove hexchen" 2 years ago
schweby bab826b1c7 security: remove hexchen 2 years ago
schweby db51a3adde common: set schweby's shell to fish 2 years ago
hexchen b186473e68 sources: update nix-hexchen 2 years ago
hexchen c36eb51ff4 Revert 43d36bb3d7 2 years ago
hexchen 43d36bb3d7 remove hexchen from the project 2 years ago
hexchen c0efd41e74 nftables: import module and init config 2 years ago
hexchen d86418307f fixup!common: disable logs 2 years ago
hexchen 4e1430bfc7 common: disable nginx access log 2 years ago
hexchen b288102f76 common/users: import hex-nix to deduplicate config 2 years ago
hexchen 851052014a complete restructure of haccfiles 2 years ago