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stuebinm 72ca5b2888 initial work for 23.05
in theory this might be ready to deploy. Potential hazards & things to
know when actually doing so:

 1. the mysql version used by mattermost was updated (the old uses an
    openssl which is marked insecure). Might have to migrate a database
 2. lots of settings now use RFC 42-style settings, which might contain
    new typos
 3. this updates uffd (& changes the patches we apply). Since version
    dependencies of uffd are basically "whatever debian has" we have
    never bothered to match them, but afaik have also never updated uffd
    since the initial deploy some years ago. No guarantee it still
 4. tracktrain depends on haskellPackages.conferer-warp, which is
    currently marked broken. There is no reason for this (it builds
    fine). Until fixed upstream, build with NIXPKGS_ALLOW_BROKEN=1.
    cf.; waiting for a
    merge of haskell-updates into 23.05
2 months ago
default.nix initial work for 23.05 2 months ago
users.nix rotate octycs's ssh key 7 months ago